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 Mech configs

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PostSubject: Mech configs   Tue Jan 22, 2008 6:36 am

There is something I have been noticing lately. Now that Hcore has been integrating a few things other than mechs, I have started to see a glimpse of how the "true" to Btech configs are more useful.

For instance, last night I was in a Hcore sever. As a matter of principle now I dont boat anymore. On my Mad Dog I had 2 LRM20, 2 UAC2 and 2 ERmedpulse. This battle was in the city, but I figured if this were real, there would be some times I had to make the loadout I had work if there wasnt resources to change it. So I kinda went into this expecting to get my butt kicked, but was suprised. I still managed to kill a Scat with LRM's down an alley but towards the end we were attacked by 3 elementals.

I quickly saw that all of the anti-mech "boats" around me were useless against an infantry kind of target. However, while I wasnt quite as powerful against a mech, I used my med pulses to kill 2 of the elementals. So I think we can see here that in the future when we face other things than mechs only, a pilot is going to have to stop boating and carry more of a stock variety of weapons to be combat effective.
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Mech configs
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